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  • Atreyu – Backstage @ Vans Warped Tour 2016

  • The Spotlight: Kevin Lyman, Founder of Vans Warped Tour

  • The Alvarez Kings Simon Thompson Talks Music & Touring

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The Latest News

  • Alternative Press, Stevie James on Breaking into the Music Biz

    We had a chance to connect with fellow music guru, all around good dude and Alternative Press APTV Correspondent, Stevie James who was hosting backstage at Aftershock 2016.  Stevie shared his back story on breaking into the music biz, bands he’s stoked about and his thoughts on how to take your game to the next level. In case you’ve been living under a rock, check out www.altpress.com and follow @IAmStevieJames and @AltPress… read more

  • The Hunna Keep It 100

    The Hunna combine infectious pop melodies with heavy guitar riffs and exceptional song writing. Three things are for certain about the U.K. based indie rock band The Hunna.  First, British rockers look way cooler holding Dixie cups than the rest of us. Second, their single “Bonfire” is a hit that is just starting to warm up.  Third, Lyor Cohen, Founder of 300 Entertainment who signed the band, current Global Head of Music at YouTube and… read more

  • Talking Music with Artery Recordings @ Aftershock 2016

      We had a chance to connect with Shan Dan Horan, the President of Artery Recordings the home of Attila, Chelsea Grin and Fronzilla just to name a few. Shan was hanging out backstage at Aftershock 2016 and shared his thoughts on Artery’s recent signings and what he looks for when evaluating bands. Check out www.arteryrecordings.com Follow @arteryrcdings… read more

  • Silver Snakes Backstage @ Aftershock 2016

      We caught up with Alex Estrada, lead vocalist of Silver Snakes at Aftershock 2016 to talk about their recent tours, the success of their debut album Saboteur and what’s next for this rising band. CHECK out http://www.yearofthesnakes.com/… read more

Music Festivals

  • Aftershock 2016 Is a Wrap!

    WHAT A SHOW! AFTERSHOCK ROCKED! Thank you Danny Wimmer Presents, Monster Energy, all the sponsors and the team at Ashton-Magnuson Media! READ OUR REVIEW @ ALL HAIL AFTERSHOCK!   Danny Wimmer Presents and Aftershock may have outdone themselves this year.  The Aftershock lineup features Tool, Avenged Sevenfold, Slayer, Korn, Primus, Disturbed (catching our breath) Chevelle, Anthrax and more. Just read the poster for yourself, this may just be the metal festival of the year. BUY TICKETS… read more

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